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Buying a Home Schools Are A Crucial Part Of The Homebuying Process Schools are a crucial part of the homebuying process. When looking for homes to buy, it might be important to you to check out the schools, too. Today, in addition to school reports, there are other ways you can find out additional and current information. Nowadays most schools and districts have websites where you can […]
Buying a Home Termites Want To Feast On Your Home Termites want to feast on your home. Yikes! As the summer weather warms up, the dirt is a breeding ground for termites. Here are some things to consider when you are buying a home or maintaining it. What you need to know about termites!  What are termites?  Termites are insects that nest in the ground […]
Buying a Home Hitting The Home Run Of Homeownership Hitting the home run of ownership feels like hitting a home run in the game of baseball. There are steps to get to a home run for both. In baseball, there are bases to run and pass getting you one step closer to home base. Well, it’s like that in real estate, too. Taking the […]
Buying a Home Easing Your Homebuying Fears When it comes to buying a home, many have fears that keep them from moving forward. Here are a few below that I am ready to walk you through to a successful home purchase. Don’t let not knowing keep you from being a homeowner. Affordability: Home buyers may be concerned about the cost of purchasing […]
Buying a Home What Does It All Mean? A real estate transaction has many parts to it when buying a home. You will hear terms that might not understand. When helping you reach your real eatate goals, I will make sure you understand it all. Real estate is always changing and we have to change with it to make the process work. I […]
Buying a Home Roslyn Sells Poets Corner-Freehold, NJ It is important to work with a trusted advisor knowing your town and development. Many buyers and sellers have entrusted me with the task of assisting with their home sale or purchase in Poets Corner over the years and through ever-changing markets! This desirable development in Freehold Township (Monmouth County) has so much to offer […]
Buying a Home Importance Of Homebuying Pre-Approvals While Most Buyers Dive Right into the List of Homes to View…I have my clients start with getting pre-approved for their home purchase. It is the first step in setting the things up for the process ahead…and you need to be ready especially in this current market and the article below from Keeping Matters Current […]
Buying a Home Are You Ready To Take The Leap For A New Home? First time home buyers leaping ahead… and I am ready to help you through the process…First time home buyers are proving to take advantage of the current interest rates, which have been around 3%. it’s a great time to buy if you are renting and paying your landlord’s mortgage. For the same rental amount and […]
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Buying a Home Daily Brew Or Home For You? It’s the little things that makes a difference…and there is not much keeping you from home ownership. A little here and there can go a long way..all the way down the front walkway to your home. Interested in knowing how to get there,  just contact me and I will guide you to your perfect home…step […]
Buying a Home Finding Your Pot Of Gold Searching for your pot of gold? A home purchase can lead to it and I can assist!...This is a great time to purchase a home wilth low interest rates and to start building equity. Why pay landlord’s mortgage when you can pay your own and reap the benefits of homeownership. The amount you pay every […]
Buying a Home Spring Ahead…Don’t Forget We are here again…It’s time to turn the clocks ahead... It may not feel like or look like spring, but unfortunately we lose an hour of sleep next weekend. So don’t forget to set your clocks ahead at 2AM on Sunday, March 10th. Your body may feel an hour behind, but time and everything is […]
Buying a Home Breaking The Bank For A Down Payment Want to buy a home, but anxious about a down payment??….You might be in better shape than you think. There are so many buyer incentives to move the houseing market. Knowing where to look for these opportunities and what to ask is the key. Having a Realtor guide you to your answers can make all […]
Buying a Home How Much Does It All Cost? Is this your situation…You saved for many months and now have found your perfect home, but still not sure if you can afford it? There are many parts to the puzzle of buying a home. In addition to having money for the house, there are costs involved to actually make it come to fruition. These […]
Buying a Home What Not to Do When Buying a Home Closing day is near, but you may not get the house?…Many buyers have been in this position, either by the fault of their own doing, or when unfortunately were not warned. When purchasing a home, there is a process that this completed by the lender so you can, hopefully qualify for a loan. It all […]
Buying a Home To Buy or Not to Buy? Need Answers to Your Questions?…You may feel that buying a home is a daunting experience, and the ‘not knowing” leaves you feeling like you are in the dark. It doesn’t have to feel this way. Working with a Realtor can alleviate much stress and anxiety regarding the process. I like to guide my clients straight […]
Buying a Home Understanding Home Inspection Reports Your home inspection report…Huh? What does it mean? Everything is signed and you are excited about your soon to be “new home” Home Inspections Home inspections are important as they are a “baseline exam” for your home. The inspectors report current conditions of all the components of the home. It is always a good idea […]
Buying a Home Should I Rent or Buy? Another year is gone and you are still renting? Let’s change that and make 2019 Your Year!…Out with the old and in with the new. It’s time to move onto your perfect home. Dont’ be so apprehensive about the process. Paying rent just means you are paying a mortgage, but just not yours. Why help […]