Buying a Home April 27, 2023

Hitting The Home Run Of Homeownership

Hitting the home run of ownership feels like hitting a home run in the game of baseball. There are steps to get to a home run for both.

In baseball, there are bases to run and pass getting you one step closer to home base. Well, it’s like that in real estate, too.

Taking the proper steps for a home purchase gets you one step closer to your real estate goal.  If you just sit back at the base watching the pitches go by, you’ll be out of the game. In the real estate world it works the same way. You have to be in the game of real estate swinging at opportunities to win.

The beginning steps to buying a home is easy. You just have to do it! Let’s run the bases together to get a better understanding.

  1. First Base: Consult with a loan advisor to be pre-qualified for loan. They will ask for your fiancial information, such as bank statements and employment verification with salary amount. Your credit will also be checked.
  2. Second Base: Once you know your price range, consult with a Realtor (me) to discuss your home search. We will discuss your towns of interest and your home search criteria within your price range.
  3. Third Base: View homes and narrow down which you like the best. Compare closed home prices to arrive at a fair offer for the home. Trust your Realtor’s advice on the best terms to offer as real estate markets are ever-changing. Present your offer for acceptance.
  4. Home Run: You are now a homeowner.

As a coach advises you about strategy in baseball, a Realtor advises on your home purchase strategy. Remember, the most important stategy is taking that first swing.

Contact me today to get you on your way to a home purchase win!

🏠Roslyn Sibilia