Living In Your Home January 30, 2022

What To Do About Melting Snow

The storm is over…now the work begins…The sun is shining and all looks calm, however this is the time to check in on the exterior of your home to prevent any damage from the thaw. You may think…it’s just water, but it can cause issues. In the event of a storm that can take days to melt, the damage to homes can start immediately.

Here are a few home protection tips…

-Your roof is the first protection and umbrella to your home. Snow will remain there as temperatures dip and rise throughout the day. Snow dams can begin to emerge preventing the water runoff. Water sitting on your roof is not good for an extended period of time. Icicles hanging around the roofs edge could be a sign of snow dams. You may want to use a roof rake and gently brush away the snow from the edge allowing the water to run off properly.

Gutters, leaders and dowspouts play a huge role in water runoff from the roof. It is important that you check your gutters to make sure they are not clogged with debris or frozen ice. The water should be able to drain properly away from the home. Also, if your gutters are clogged and water is dripping onto your walkway below, this can cause ice to build up and ultimately a fall hazard causing injury.

-When shoveling snow, you should throw the snow away from the home. You do not want any snow and water build up around the foundation of your home. Keep your foundation perimeter as clear as possible.

Sump pumps are relied on to relieve basements of any ground water pushing against the foundation. You should always make sure the pump is working property before the water level rises in the sump. Also, the water is pumped out to the exterior of the foundation. This pipe is exposed to cold temperatures and should be checked to make sure it is not frozen. This could cause a backflow and flooding. Whether your basement is finished or not, who wants to deal with a flood?

-In the event of continuous freezing temperatures, pipes that run in rooms along the exterior walls of the home could freeze. It is important to know where the water shut off valves are in your home for each pipe or the main to the home. If you witness a leak, you should immediately shut off the water source to prevent further damage.

There are many other home saving tips to keep in mind while living in your home. I am available to discuss references should you need any to address issues.

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