Selling A Home December 23, 2018

Don’t Get Caught Up In Your Net Numbers

You are finally ready to list your home and think you have it all figured outbut wait…what happened to the profit you thought you would be receiving at the closing? Well…just as there are costs involved to purchase a home, there are costs to sell, as well. It is very important that you discuss your NET with a Realtor, so that you know where you stand. You don’t want to find out that you don’t have as much as you think. Let me simplify this for you. To begin, you will need a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). We use data of the comparable closed homes in your market and make adjustments in price for different criteria to arrive at a range of value for the subject home (your home). After this is determinded, now we can go over the costs involved which will be deducted from the approximate sold price. These costs include commissions, attorney fees, your loan payoff, recording fees, etc…. Depening on the township in which you reside, you may as the seller be responsible to obtain a CCO (Continued Certificate of Occupancy) and Fire/Smoke Certifications. If this is the case, it is also best to be prepared about any repairs or updates needed to obtain these. As your Realtor it is my job to make you you understand the bottom line, so you can move forward without surprises towards a smooth closing. Let’s Chat!! Call me at 732-995-5609 / to discuss further and start the process of finding your new home.