Community News September 25, 2018

Halloween Happenings Not to Miss

Trick or Treat…Scary or Not…Boo…it’s Time for Halloween! HoweHallver, there is no time to spare…carve those pumpkins, decorate your homes and fill the candy jars. It’s time where excitement fills the air to scare and be scared, enjoy the fall aroma of cinnamon in the crisp air, candy apples to eat and more. Homes look seasonal with decorations in place from webs, scarecrows, witches and goblins; flashing lights; and orange and black decors. 

Halloween Activities:

None the less, if scary is not your thing…have no fear, because Central New Jersey offers so much to enjoy. Coincidentally we are the Garden State, so besides decorating, why not visit our farms for the perfect pumpkin, or an apple orchard that has all kinds the choose from. Settle back home and make a fresh apple pie or crisps for dessert. Furthermore you can find decorations such as cornstalks, bales of hay and colorful gourds that the stores do not offer. For the active enthusiasts that want to take in the scenery, our may parks have trails and picnic areas amid the changing fall colors. The season will be over before you know it, so don’t miss out on all the fun…join us!

Events Not To Miss: