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Pool Maintenance is Important During The Summer

Maintenance is important during the summer to keep your pool clean, safe, and enjoyable for swimming. Although used in the summer, how you care for your pool year round can prevent unnecessary added costs. All the more reason why your pool and water should not be neglected.

Here are some tips for pool maintenance you should consider:


  1. Cleaning:
    1. Remove leaves and debris from the surface of your pool water.
    2. Clean out your skimmer baskets to have proper water flow and help it filter.
  2. Vacuuming:
    1. Vacuum or use an automatic pool cleaner to remove dirt from the bottom of the pool.
    2. There are different types of vaccuums that either use the pool filter or electric alone.
  3. Brushing and Scrubbing:
    1. Brush & scrub the walls, floor, and any other surfaces to remove algae and other dirt.
    2. Check corners and steps.
  4. Filter:
    1. Although there are different filters, pools need to be cleaned and backwashed to remove trapped dirt so the water circulates properly.
    2. Different types of filters.
      1. sand
      2. cartridge
      3. diatomaceous earth (DE)


  1. Water Level:
    1. There is a recommended pool water lever.
    2. Add water when levels decrease.
  2. Water Circulation:
    1. Run the pool pump for a good amount of time each day to help circulate and filter the water.
    2. This allows chemicals to be spread evenly and prevents algae growth.
  3. Water Chemistry:
    1. Test your pool water regularly and maintain the correct chemical balance.
    2. Monitor the pH level, total alkalinity.
    3. Adjusting chemical levels prevent bacteria and algae growth.


  1. Chemicals:
    1. Chlorine shock (concentrated chlorine) should be added to your pool weekly.
    2. Shock helps the regular chorine fight bacteria.
  2. Pool Cover:
    1. Your pool cover must be clean and free of dirt.
    2. Prevent state water to sit on top of the cover.
    3. There are different covers to purchase.
      1. water bag covers
      2. mesh coversPool covers
  3. Professional Servicing:
    1. You can hire scheduled professionals to maintain your pool.
    2. Pool professions can also inspect and fix potential issues.

Remember to consult your pool manufacturer’s guidelines and seek professional advice when needed. By following these maintenance practices, you can keep your pool in excellent condition and ensure a refreshing and enjoyable summer swimming experience. Also, more you maintain your pool properly, the less you will spend on extra chemicals to keep it balanced.

If you are looking for pool company references, contact me today!

🏠Roslyn Sibilia