Living In Your Home April 6, 2021

It’s Time For Spring Cleaning

The weather may not feel like it, but spring is here…Time to dust off the cleaning supplies for the home. Before the weather gets nice enough where you don’t want to do it, take advantage now while still indoors. There are so many things to give the seasonal dusting and cleaning to that get ignored the rest of the time. Here are some things that are good to address to give your home a fresh feel for the spring and most importatnt if you are looking to prepare your home to sell. If you want more tips about how to get your house home ready, just contact me at 732-995-5609 or go to

Home Spring Cleaning List

The Exterior

*windows & screens (including sills and molding). Winter just seems to linger on the windows

*vent covers

*ceiling fans

* wipe down the walls

*doors (those that have fingerprints on them, because we refuse to use the doorknobs.

*switch covers

*moldings clean and recaulk if needed (including base moldings and chair rails and other decorative ones.

*carpet steaming

*airduct cleaning

*dryer vent cleaning (this prevents fire hazards)


recaulk if necessary. Caulk sometimes gets dried up and cracks. Recaulking prevents leaks before they turn into something more. Grout is porous and it’s good to seal it, too.

Tile floors

If using waxes, sometimes there is a buildup, steaming the floor removes this residue


Organization is just as important. Out with the old and in with the new. Get rid of excess papers, supplies and objects that have been around and not needed. With less stuff in out in the house, comes less cleaning.

This is a great time to look up a local charity and donate unused or lightly used clothing, toys and appliances. If you haven’t used things for a few years, you probably don’t need them. If you find it hard to part with some things, take pictures and keep in an album, especially when it comes to school projects or work.


*Prune shrubs

*Remove any dead foliage

*Edging give a clean look to a lawn or anywhere grass leads to a patio or pool.

*Repaint/stain the deck

*Powerwash the patio, walkways, house and pvc fence. Parts of a home facing north, get discolored with a moldy green. This is normal due to the minimal amount of sun on that side.

*Weeding…we all hate it, but it needs to be done

*Resealing the driveway